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Locations & Hours

The Nursery

We have moved back to Trina's home. 216 Eggler Rd.,
Jeffersonville, NY 12748 Please do not go to the Gorzynski Farm location
in Cochecton Center.


Nursery Hours: 

  • Always closed on Sundays. Mondays are heavy "work" days — you can come, but we can't give you as much attention.
  • April: by chance, Mon-Sat, 10-3.
    Always closed on Sundays.
  • May-June - Mon-Sat, 10-4. Closed on Memorial Day. Always closed on Sundays.
  • Closed after June.
  • Farmer's MarketS

We are not attending any farmers' markets in 2016. Please come to the nursery instead.

Welcome to Silver Heights Farm Nursery

At Silver Heights Farm, we specialize in heirloom & unusual, open pollinated vegetable transplants—our catalog contains hundreds of different varieties of tomatoes, peppers, greens, melons, squash and other vegetables. In addition to the vegetables, we are now offering a wide variety of culinary and medicinal herbs. And we are also growing an eclectic collection of old-fashioned flowers for which there was no room in the catalog but which will be available for purchase at the nursery and farmer's markets. Backyard gardeners will certainly find many treasures.

We have decided to drop our organic certification effective March 1, 2016.

Catalog of Plants

2016 Silver Height catalog cover

The 2016 catalog is same as
2015, but prices and availability are subject to change. No longer
certified organic.

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download catalog